Partners - Lex Valentine, V.J. Summers
~ Review by Caroline

We are 20 years in the future and the world has changed beyond recognition. Terrorists have caused death and chaos and compromised the government. A group of officials has banded together and set up a task force to infiltrate and remove the terrorist groups.

Ian and Travis are two of the top operatives in the field but lately neither has been working to the best of their ability. Their modes of operation when in the field differ vastly but their past lives and trauma are finally catching up with them.

When Ian was literally rescued and brought to the team he was a submissive with an abusive master. When out in the field he has been using his overt sexuality more and more until it is now compromising missions and endangering others. Travis has a military background and has been left damaged by his previous relationships. He is currently trigger happy and his last three extractions have resulted in the death of his target...

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