Nowhere Diner: Finding Peace - T. A. Chase
~ Review by Shelby

Chad Mitchell has been battling and losing his alcohol addiction for awhile. He’s stuck in a downward spiral with no end in sight. When he manages to pull himself together he is still clocking hours at the diner as a dishwasher, but with Tim back from dealing with his family the pull of oblivion is just too strong. Chad never intends for his benders to go on for long, but when the flashbacks start it’s easy to lose track of the days.

Sergeant Zane Smithson has been travelling the country since he got out of the military looking up the men he served with in Afghanistan. He’s determined to make sure as many of them are on the right track mentally as he can. He’s saved his last stop for Chad. While they served together Zane hid his attraction to the younger man despite suspecting Chad might have been attracted to him too. Now he’s determined to find Chad before his demons get the best of them. Zane knows what it’s like to get stuck on a path where the troubles might get the best of you. His recovery from an IED explosion wasn’t paved smooth; he fought his own battles with addiction. Zane is determined to save Chad; he just has to find him first...

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