Stay - Riley Hart
4.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

This pretty much picks up where Collide finished but sadly Wesleys sister Chelle has died. Wes is naturally devastated and is in a very dark place where he feels he can’t cope with the new task of raising his niece. Braden, is very much still being the Braden we first met and wants to get Wes back into bed.

Wes lost his mum to a car accident when he was younger and was raised by his older sister Chelle who he adored. His father walked out of the house one day to go to the shop and never returned. His one long term relationship with another man didn’t work out well and after 5 years he was once again left on his own. With his sister now dying Wes feels as though another person has left him. He quickly puts up so many barriers around himself preventing people from getting close, thus preventing any further hurt, that he has left himself feeling desolate and lonely...

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