What The Heart Thinks - Vivien Dean
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

What the Heart Thinks is a sweet, lovely romance (Amber Allure classifies it as a Romantic Comedy – While there are a few funny interactions, I would instead classify this story as a true romance). Joe is an almost shy, socially reserved man who hasn’t really dated in years, and his less than stellar dating experience has decimated his self confidence. He spends his days in solitude finishing his doctorate, and works nights as a DJ of a gay radio show where his smooth voice has lured regular listener Fess into many hot fantasies. Fess is an actor who also works parties as a male stripper, and he is immediately taken with Joe when they meet.

Joe’s uncertainty and self deprecating attitude is both realistic and sad. His poor experience with relationships has left his self confidence in ruins, and he’s convinced himself that he’s physically below average at best. He doesn’t understand why beautiful and fun Fess would be attracted to him, and he doubts the sincerity of Fess’s interest. Although Joe is plagued by a low self esteem, he isn’t a pitiable man. Instead, he’s overly cautious for fear of being hurt. Fess is a sincere, kind, and sexy man. He oozes self confidence, and he knows almost immediately that he wants something special with Joe...

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