More Than Muscle - Terry O'Reilly
~ Review by Leisa

At the start of the book, Ernie is a pathetic man. An overweight, closeted man in his early 30s, he still lives at home with his overly protective mother, and his only relationships are with the muscle bound guys in gay porn. He decides he must get in shape and joins a gym. His trainer is Butch, a smaller man who, although he’s in great shape, isn’t a huge muscled body builder. Butch is coming off a break up with a vain cheater, and he’s ready to look past the physical to find someone who’s sweet and loyal to love. Butch is drawn to innocent Ernie, and they begin dating and soon become involved in a endearing relationship.

I really didn’t like Ernie much at the beginning of the story. He is a whiny Mama’s boy who criticizes others for not seeing beyond his physical appearance, but in turn he does the same thing by only wanting men who are body builders with huge muscles and by initially being disappointed that Butch isn’t more muscled and large. However, I soon saw Ernie as an insecure man who so doubts his own ability to be attractive, that he initially doubts the sincerity of Butch’s interest. Butch is a surprisingly evolved character who always sees Ernie’s personal value, and who is unfailingly supportive and patient with the sexually inexperienced man...

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