Stuck in Oz - Andrew  Grey
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Brandilyn

I read the first Tales of Kansas story a few months ago and enjoyed it. I like Stuck in Oz just a little bit more. It was a quick story, but Jeremy and Nate just called to be wrapped in a gigantic hug. Poor Jeremy has grown up with an absent father and a crappy mother. Sorry, there isn’t any other way to describe her. He does not see anything as permanent and can’t believe he is worthy of affection from anyone. Nate has grown up in a loving environment but has a few skeletons of his own. Together they have instant chemistry, but one’s fear of the unknown and the other’s fear of his tormenters makes for some tense moments.

As with most of Andrew Grey’s romance novels, I would classify Stuck in Oz as a comfort read...

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