Wolf in Gucci Loafers - Tara Lain
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

Lindsey Vanessen is an enigma! He is a very wealthy socialite and tough businessman. He is an extremely flamboyant gay man, darling. He is athletic, willowy and full of hard muscle. His effeminate persona masks a total alpha .He wears purple Gucci Loafers. He is fabulous!

In contrast Seth is none of the above. He is a toughened cop who would like to see his work appreciated. The ultimate male in leathers riding his motorbike, he is big and muscular and looking for the same in his partner.

When the sons and daughters of the wealthy are being kidnapped and held for ransom it hits a little too close to home for Lindsey. These are his friends and he is determined to find out who is behind it. When a friends daughter is kidnapped he helps to arrange the ransom money and finds himself face to face with Seth Zakowsky, a tough cop assigned to the case...

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