After Christmas Eve - Michael Rupured
~ Buddy Review by Brandilyn (4.25 Stars) & Ulysses (4 Stars)

Brandilyn’s View

There came a point while I was reading in After Christmas Eve that it was apparent that I would not be putting my kindle down until I was done. That is a very good thing, except, I REALLY wanted to take a nap. So, Mr. Rupured, not only did you make me ugly cry, you cost me sleep. I hope you are happy. Oh, whom am I kidding? I know you are happy.

Phillip is an interesting character. I did not read Rupured’s first novel, Until Thanksgiving, but I infer that Phillip appears in that one as well, though it is set closer to the present than is ACE. ACE is a poignant look at being gay in the late 60s wrapped up in a murder mystery. Though, I will say the mystery was not quite as mysterious as it could have been. There was doubt as to the killer, but it, at least for me, it was pretty obvious who it was from early on. I think the author could have done more to make Phillip’s life hell and push him toward the man that would become his love...

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