Into the Wind - Shira Anthony
~ Review by Beverley

This, the second in the Mermen of Ea series, is even better than the first. The first novel Stealing the Wind introduces us to Taren and Ian, the complex, flawed but intriguing main characters of this series. It provides the starting points for the backstory of the world of the Ea and begins some wonderful world building. The main characters and the secondary ones are all highly likeable and interesting.

This novel increases our knowledge of the Ea world and introduces us to more of the characters within it. Taren is still plagued by visions of the past and his previous incarnation as Treande. Likewise he is still tortured by the terrible pain Treande felt at Owyn’s (Ian’s previous incarnation) death, and allows it to bleed into his feelings towards Ian in the present. Ian also worries for Taren’s safety and is becoming overprotective, which confuses and angers Taren...

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