The Devil's Brew (Sinners Series) - Rhys Ford
~ Review by Leisa

What happens after the happily ever after? With The Devil’s Brew, Rhys Ford gifts us with a glimpse into the lives of Miki and Kane from Sinner’s Gin, as well as a bit from Damien and Sionn from Whiskey and Wry. Valentine’s Day is upon them, and Miki frets that his gift for Kane won’t measure up. He’s doing quite a bit better with the support of Kane’s love, and the return of Damie from the dead has been his own personal miracle. However, he’s convinced that since he’s fundamentally flawed, his Valentine’s gift for Kane will of course be lacking.

This novella is simply a perfect addition to the Sinner’s Gin series. It flows seamlessly after the conclusion of Whiskey and Wry, and picks up a few months following the resolution of who was behind Damien’s capture, as well as the killings surrounding Damien’s return. Life is good for the four men, but Damien’s return and Kane’s profound love haven’t magically converted Miki into a self-confident, different man. Miki knows Kane loves him, but deep down he feels inherently broken and questions whether he’s deserving of such love. He’s also still feeling his way within the overwhelming Morgan clan, and he is especially cognizant that his relationship with Kane’s father, Donal, is evolving...

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