Glen & Tyler's Scottish Troubles - J.B. Sanders
~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

At just 3% into this book, I was intrigued. A bunch of Russian dudes, with most definitely dastardly intentions, a shell game involving fishing trawlers and a mention of the Irish Sea. Despite some of these things not making another appearance for some time in the story, I was in.

After that intro, we’re right into being with Glen and Tyler, our main guys. I was smiling immediately. Yup! Also? I was already sure I was going to be reading more from this author, and this series specifically. Yup! This has a wonderfully flowing, intelligent style and varying tones that fit each scene. That’s not always easy to do.

Since this is book two in the series, Glen and Tyler are in a place in their relationship that demonstrates the knowledge they’ve gained since becoming a couple, while still learning things about each other. I haven’t read book 1 (but will!) and yet didn’t feel like my reading experience was compromised. Based on some of the conversations, however, I’m willing to venture a guess that, if you do read these in order, they’ll be that much more enjoyable...

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