Bodyguard to a Sex God - R.J. Scott
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

The only good point about Adam Freemans latest assignment as a bodyguard is the handsome face with the stunning eyes staring back at him as he reads through the information on his latest client. This is the worst kind of job in the business! Show business people full of ego and attitude that demand their every whim be met. Worse still it is to take place at a convention, full of screaming fans that he imagines will be dressed up in awful costumes.

Logan Brady known in the industry as ‘Sex God’ is nervous about making the trip to the UK for the Night Cop Show convention but feels he owes it to the fans. The fan letters have moved into the creepy category and now someone is leaving him ‘gifts’. His head is a mess, he is nearly 30, he is contemplating finally being honest and coming out and now it looks as though someone wants to kill him...

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