Necropolis  - Jordan L. Hawk
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

Ahh, Ival and Grif. They’re now a year into their cohabitation and enjoying it greatly. It isn’t long before the next cause for adventure becomes clear: they’re needed in Egypt, Christine having sent a short and nearly desperate sounding telegram, imploring them to come and help on her latest dig, her first as leader. So what’s a Whyborne to do? Make his way to Cairo, of course, with Griffin accompanying his dear in order to help their friend.

That’s one of the best things about this book, and the series: how friendship is treated, appreciated and given the time and space to develop and show its importance, joy and challenges. Christine and Whyborne, of course, but also Christine and Griffin, and the element of true friendship within Ival and Grif’s relationship. As a trio, they’re a strong force of nature and amusement. As usual, the “bickering” between Whyborne and Christine is pointedly honest and as snicker inducing as ever. Griffin agrees. Love it!...

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