Get What You Need - Jeanette Grey
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

What a sweet, wonderful story! Greg is an adorable, brilliant PhD candidate in mathematics, and he is driven to succeed beyond his family’s meager blue collar life. One of his housemates is hot Marshall, who is attending college on a baseball scholarship. Greg and Marshall eye each other for a while, and eventually begin to have a sexual relationship that soon develops into something much, much more. The author’s characterizations of these two young men is pitch perfect (ok … forgive the baseball reference, but I just couldn’t control myself!). Despite being incredibly smart and having a promising future, Greg is shy and socially awkward. He’s convinced that there is no way that someone as gorgeous and popular as Marshall would want anything beyond a casual sexual relationship with a geek like him. At the same time, Marshall doesn’t see himself as any type of catch for someone as amazing as Greg, and thinks there is no way that Greg would want a real relationship with someone as stupid as he thinks he is. Greg and Marshall’s mutual lack of self confidence causes these two men to grapple with how to deal with their burgeoning relationship.

It’s this idea of both of these young men who outwardly have so much going for them – one is cute, smart and on the pathway to success and the other is handsome, athletic and popular – having so many inward self doubts, that makes this story wonderfully real...

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