Juicy Bits (A Dreamspinner Press Anthology) - J.J. Cassidy, Rick Bettencourt, A.  Morell, Olivia Duncan Craig, Anne Regan, Mina Kelly, Pearl Love, Johnny Murdoc, Lucy Whedon, Nikki West, Heloise West, Logan Zachary, J.I. Radke, Jay Northcote, Briana Lawrence, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Kim Dias, Rob Rosen, Dawn Kimberly Jo
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Oh my goodness! I am still fanning myself after reading this delicious anthology! Have you ever skipped ahead in a story to get to the “good stuff”? I’ll admit that I have (sometimes I’m not the best at delayed gratification!). These stories are erotic, sexy, and amazing! There’s something for everyone in this anthology – some are sweetly tame, some are kinky, some are romantic, and some are scorching hot to the touch.

I am forever saying how much I love anthologies – they are often the perfect sampling of new to me authors, as well as a quick, delightful visit with an author that I already like. The same is true for Juicy Bits. Every single story is great in its own unique way, and even though these are short stories, the authors are so skilled in quickly introducing characters that radiate chemistry, love, and lust. Among these goodies, I just love reading Jay Northcote’s work, and her Juicy Bits contribution is the sizzling story An Invitation...

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