Crazy From the Heat - Mercy Celeste
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

This is not my favourite book of hers by a long way but it still has her character trademarks stamped all over it. Two hot men that life seems determined to make things difficult for. Lots of angst. A lot of personal baggage that they are constantly tripping over and some hot sexy action.

Grey Talbot is a history teacher that is not the prude he comes across as. He is a product of the foster care system and one of the few that made it out intact and with good prospects. His teenage years hold a few secrets that he wants kept hidden but always seem to catch him up.

Paul Gaines is a 30 year old cop with the face of a teenager. His young looks tend to define his career and his current assignment is playing a 17 year old student at High School, looking to make a drug bust. His career so far has been fast paced and filled with controversy so this is one assignment he plans to keep his head down for...

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