Looking After Joey - David     Pratt
~ Review by Ulysses

David Pratt’s Looking After Joey will either grab you right away and drag you along; or it will leave you cold. I am in the first category. It is unlike anything I’ve read in the past year, and given all the interesting books I’ve been finding through the Prism review lists, that’s saying something.

Pratt is a wonderful writer; arch, crisp, literate. There is no sloppy dialogue and no filler. It is lean and fast and to the point. In the space of a paragraph he can take you from laughing out loud to rolling your eyes to feeling tears starting to build.

Although the point of view shifts around a bit in the course of the story, the reader’s main perspective on the action is through the eyes of Calvin Hodge, a New York City accountant who’s pushing forty and yearning a little too desperately to be part of what his best friend Peachy Sniegowski refers to as the “gayristocracy.” ...

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