Foolish Me - Tinnean
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Paisley

In case you missed it, I loooooooved Pick Up the Pieces, book one in the “Light in Your Eyes” series. I proclaimed Wills Matheson as my newest book boyfriend, and I gushed endlessly about him being totes adorbs and whatnot. So to say I was beyond excited to read the continuation of Wills and Theo’s romance is not an exaggeration.

I have really enjoyed all of the “Spy vs. Spook” books. I think that one of the most fun things about these books is the way Tinnean has so cleverly woven together all of the timelines. I am sure there is some sort of proper literary term to describe this technique, but if you read my reviews then you know I don’t talk about anything proper or literary.

The Life Coach in me has put together a plan for perspective readers – this is what you need to do...

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