Broken - Sam  Singer
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Kenneth is a sub who was severely abused by his former Dom. He’s now in a loving and supportive D/s relationship with David, who also came into the relationship with a different type of emotional baggage, and life is good. However, when he accidentally breaks something of David’s, he remembers the abuse he once experienced for every little mistake and panics, and he lies to his Dom. David quickly figures out he’s lying, and is heartbroken that Kenneth remains so insecure and fearful following his former abuse, that he feels he cannot tell David the truth. Kenneth soon confesses, and David must punish Kenneth for lying without traumatizing him or breaking the trust of their loving D/s relationship.

I occasionally read D/s books, but I usually don’t enjoy ones that rely heavily upon the humiliation or subjugation of the submissive partner. Since I didn’t know what to expect from Singer’s novella Broken, I was a little hesitant when I began the story. What I found was an unexpectedly inspirational story of two men who have been badly wounded during their lives, and who both treasure and fear losing their current loving D/s relationship...

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