Stranger on the Shore - Josh Lanyon
~ Review by Beverley

Shockingly, I had only read two of Josh Lanyon’s novels, until Stranger on the Shore. The two I had read were so totally different from each other that I didn’t know quite what to expect from his latest release. This novel showed me why Josh Lanyon is so respected as an author and why his titles sell so well. Here we have an elegant mystery… a crime reporter obsessed with The Great Gatsby, comes to research his first book concerning a twenty year old case, the kidnapping and disappearance of four year old Brian Arlington.

The Arlington family are very wealthy and influential and before this have stopped all attempts to write about their family tragedy. Their main protection comes in the guise of the handsome Pierce Mather, the family’s lawyer. Pierce is intimately connected with the family and cares about them very much. His allegiances become stretched when Griff, the reporter, arrives in their midst. Like any family the Arlingtons have their squabbles and secrets. Griff must dig into these if he is to write a decent book and maybe, however far fetched, maybe solve a twenty year old mystery...

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