Stitch (gothika #1) - Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden, Sue  Brown, Kim Fielding
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Brandilyn

Four fantastic tales about forging Mr. Right.
The Golem

I would liken The Golem to a sort of Pinocchio-esque tale. The Golem was created for one violent purpose, to protect, and made to live a life of solitude and servitude. He is reminded often that he is not real. Over the years, he finds his own purpose, and his master is kind enough to let him live for himself, to an extent. You hurt with The Golem. You want him to be real. You do not want him to have to fulfill his destiny. You want him to have a friend. The one word that comes to mind is “Sweet”. Overall, this tale is one of love, acceptance, and sacrifice that will warm your heart.

This story is the epitome of what I envision of when I think of steampunk. As always, Fessenden’s writing is tight, imaginative, and believable, despite the fantastic nature of the actual story. One thing I enjoyed about this tale is that it was true to the time period, well as much as it can be given one of the main characters is well… So often historicals disregard the fear and oppression associated with being a gay person in that society. I appreciated the struggle Harland had with himself. I also appreciate that the struggle was never magically solved. Watchworks is a quick and enjoyable read about nature of human-kind, and what it often takes for the heart to overcome the engrained programming...

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