Salvation - Alexa Land
~ Review by Caroline

Reading a book in Alexa Lands First and Forever series to me is like having a night in with friends. It is like this crazy extended family that sometimes say the wrong thing but always mean well. With each additional book this family grows and strengthens and at the end we are left waiting for the next chapter eagerly. I am not sure whether I would be scared or thrilled to know so many people involved past and present with the Mafia!

It was great to see Vincent get his own story. What a dark man he is. Broody, secretive and sometimes all out scary. We are never sure whether he wants to say hello or shoot you. He has gradually separated himself from his family and it presumed he is still involved in a lot of illegal activities. He has so much more depth than he allows people to see though and his last relationship left him damaged mentally and physically...

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