Fused by Fire - Draven St. James
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

This is the third in Draven St. James’ hot Firehouse Six series, and like its predecessors, this story is delicious! Michael, the mountain of a man Lieutenant of Fire House Six, and Simon, his former firefighter and now paramedic, are familiar characters from earlier books. Michael is large, strong, and a true leader. Simon is a smaller man who has always been the “class clown,” despite being very good at his job. Michael is older than Simon, and considers Simon a bit immature. Simon has always pined for the luscious Michael, and is trying to move past his infatuation. When Michael withdraws from everyone due to crushing guilt over a firefighter’s serious injury during a fire, only Simon seems to be able to save Michael. Michael soon discovers that Simon fulfills his need for love, and that Simon desperately needs Michael when incredible hurt comes Simon’s way.

Oh my … I just LOVE this story! The story line is wonderful – it’s emotional, passionate, and ultimately hopeful. But it is the characters that make Fused by Fire absolutely delicious. Michael is so very strong – he’s the perfect leader, and he’s always prided himself on keeping his team safe. He’s devastated when a firefighter is seriously injured, causing Michael to question everything about himself. When he’s at his lowest, Simon intervenes and drags Michael back into the living. Simon is revealed to be so much more than a silly, likable guy – he’s compassionate, faithful, and loving. Michael is also shown to grow beyond his personal concerns to honestly care for Simon, and to put Simon’s interests first...

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