Recovery - Con Riley
~ Review by Caroline

We first meet Jamie in Salvage and his character was not written to endear him to us. He was selfish and manipulative and wasn’t a great friend to Gabe. With his story in Recovery comes the clarity of what he has been through, what has set him off on his path of destruction and what eventually leads him to become a better person.

His home life growing up has failed him completely and it is probably only thanks to Gabes father and family that he kept himself together as long as he did. There was the accident that altered the course of Gabes sisters life that was the beginning of his path of self destruction. His sense of failure in himself leads to drinking, not just the odd one, but enough that it becomes his crutch and his only way of making it through the day.

Alcohol can change you in the most shocking way. In Jamie it leads to a recklessness that ends up with him being raped. Too scared and ashamed to admit what has happened to him he turns even more to the alcohol that makes his existence palpable. It’s a never ending spiral of destruction that can only stop when Jamie takes ownership...

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