Polarity - Peter Melillo
2.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Polarity is a novella that tells the tale of Ezra, an electrical engineer, who meets Chu Ke Tsai one rainy night when Ezra almost runs over Ke after he’s had a bike accident. Both cold and wet from the heavy rain, they go to Ezra’s nearby house, shower, and have sex. According to the story, as told from Ezra’s point of view, electricity pops around them during their sexual encounter, and this was caused by polarity since they together complete the electrical circuit.

I unfortunately never really connected with this short story - I actually read it twice to be certain that I didn’t miss something when I first read it. There’s no discernible chemistry whatsoever between Ezra and Ke. They just meet, go home, shower and do the deed. Pardon the pun, but there is no sexual energy or build-up for the reader. The characterizations of Ezra and Ke are seemingly without depth, and much of the dialog between the two men is odd and stilted...

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