The Flesh Cartel #17: Boxed In - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau
~ Review by Christine

Mat and Dougie are free but remain prisoners of the horrors they endured while in captivity. Unsure of how to negotiate relationships and handle their newfound liberty, they each founder and stumble towards a workable sense of self – and self-worth. As with the most recent installments of The Flesh Cartel serial, Boxed In focuses mainly on Mat as he tries to reclaim parts of himself and to discover what his new purpose is. More frightening, however, is the fact that he now has to worry about Dougie’s recovery, with no idea how to help him.

I absolutely loved this episode, and this review will be brief so as not to divulge too much. It is Mat’s recovery story, or part of it. As I stated earlier, it is full of both heartbreak and hope, and I truly appreciated that it is told mainly from Mat’s perspective. With the few insights into Dougie’s tragic inner dialogue and brief glimpses of his behavior off page, it becomes brutally obvious where Dougie is in the healing process. These two tormented boys have a long road ahead of them, and Mat must take the lead in trying to create a new “normal” for them both...

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