Roommate Adventures - Michael War
~ Review by Leisa

Danny is gay with a straight roommate Patrick, who seems to be intolerant of any gay shenanigans. When gorgeous Javi becomes their new roommate, Danny tries to stay away from him lest he upset already grumpy Patrick with his gayness. Javi has other ideas, and he and Danny soon begin a clandestine and hot affair. Life is soon complicated further by an unexpected revelation by Patrick that causes Danny and Javi to question their relationship, as well as changes the way they see Patrick.

Roommate Adventures starts out as a sweet story of Danny and Javi’s new and caring relationship. The dynamic of this relationship changes when Patrick asks Danny for a personal favor that Javi is unhappy that Danny is considering. This portion of the story is very good – there is a nice chemistry between Danny and Javi, and Patrick’s character is revealed to be much more than his intolerant facade. I love character development within stories, and Patrick’s story line is a bit surprising and is pivotal to the evolution of Danny and Javi’s characters and relationship.

Then I feel the story loses its footing …

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