Shifter Born - A.T. Weaver
2.5 Stars ~ Review by Teresa

I had difficulty writing this review. Shifter Born had some good points but many negative as well. In the interest of fairness and honesty, I am going to tell you what I felt. There are going to be some spoilers so be forewarned.

My first impression of the book, stemming from the first 8% on my Kindle, was that it was overly simplistic in writing style. It felt like a writing assignment from a 10th grade English student. I was not captured by the events going on. It felt rushed and quickly told as if we were trying to skim the details to get on to the bulk of the story. Unfortunately this was the feeling I got throughout the book. We never settled down into the story but always skimmed through from one time period to the next. The writing did get a little better in style and flow but the details were always vague...

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