Hide - Bailey Bradford
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Adal and his brother Steven are halfbreed shifter brothers whose tyrannical father has severely abused all their lives. During theie escape from their father’s control, Adal meets Dorso, his human mate. The only person who has ever cared for Adal is his brother Steven, who tries to protect Adal from as much abuse as possible. He’s known no other love or caring, and he is surprised to discover he has found his mate (especially since he’s always been convinced that halfbreeds have no mate).

Adal is seriously damaged – his father’s horrific abuse has left Adal scarred both physically and emotionally. However, Adal is innocent and at times has an almost child like wonder when Dorso behaves affectionately toward him. He’s never been touched in desire or love, and he’s a stranger to decency and compassion. Dorso quickly becomes attached to, and protective of, Adal. As is often the case in shifter stories, once the mates meet, they quickly begin a sexual relationship. While this is a bit predictable, the pairing of hurt and innocent Adal with former playboy Dorso is endearing...

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