What Happens in Vegas - G.A. Hauser
~ Review by Adriana

This is the story of Greg and Liam, both vacationing in Vegas. Liam with a girlfriend who he’s only been seeing for a little over two weeks and Greg with his girlfriend and a relationship that is obviously on its way out. Upon meeting, the two women hit it off and become fast BFFs, leaving the men to tour Vegas together. This leads to Greg and Liam experimenting with each other; and that’s when this book gets exciting. Yet the question remains, will they be able to carry on this affair (even after they decide they going to try) when they leave Vegas? It’s going to take a lot of promises, arguing, make up sex and one very sexy personal trainer to help determine if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Even though this book was not a typical book for Ms. Hauser, I found this to be one of her more enjoyable ones. I really liked the dynamics between the two men and I thought they were incredibly sexy together. It was very hot even though the premise of the story was a little far-fetched for me. It’s definitely one not to miss.

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