Another Man's Treasure - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock
~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

We start out with a couple of characters, Ilia and Mikhail, who are unafraid in their acceptance of one another and their shared tastes and indulgences. And yet, human vulnerability, the need to be loved, understood, they are meandering around, hand in hand with the kink. In other words, the ability to create individualized characters that are mired in the same human frailties from which we all suffer is on display here. It’s a meaty mix I can grab onto, and kneed, and pinch, and know I’m feeling something real.

Right. So. You in? Because then everything changes.

I tell you what, I love when I don’t know what’s going to happen. Anticipation. I love when I can’t decide which character’s words to trust. Uncertainty. I love feeling that shaky need to keep reading. Compulsion. I never felt like I was standing on solid ground, not once, during this read. And even when I thought I caught a glimpse, that proverbial rug was pulled out from underneath me, again and again...

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