Double Takes - K. Vale, Kimber Vale
~ Review by Caroline

Giovanni Savale is the lead singer of Three Deaf Mice. In the middle of an acrimonious divorce from a woman he never should have married he feels like his life is going down the pan. Trying for a more stable home life so he is around for his son the band are not going to tour for a year, instead they have signed up for a reality TV show. When the shows ratings fall the producer has the bright idea of giving the audience a look at Gio with a new love interest. Stemming from a flippant comment made years before about being bisexual the new love interest is to be a man.

The man in question is acting wannabe Kyrie who is sweet, funny and very flamboyant….not what Gio would want in a partner if he ever really fancied a man and their ‘dates’ are stilted and uncomfortable at first. Getting back at his soon to be ex wife he decides to sell all the designer label items she has left at his home. When he walks into an antique shop and meets the owner Lance he is faced with possibility that maybe the bisexual comment was not that far off the mark...

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