Ink and Flowers - J.K. Pendragon
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

My favorite part of reviewing books is when I find what I term, “a hidden gem.” Ink & Flowers is one of these gems! Asian American Luke is a struggling art student who was orphaned as a young child and now his college fund is in the hands of the two most vile and controlling aunts in the Western Hemisphere. They constantly put Luke down and wave his popular and successful first cousin in his face. He takes Cooper, a huge tattooed man who shows up at the florist shop where Luke works weekly to buy a bouquet of flowers, up on his offer to live with Cooper in exchange for sex.

On it’s face, this would be a great little story, but it’s the amazing characterizations of Cooper and Luke that makes this story so awesome. Luke has no self esteem to speak of (and who would with the awful family he has?!), and he’s in serious self denial about being gay. He feels crushing guilt every time he has any desire for other men, and denies he’s gay to Cooper. Cooper initially comes across as an opportunist, but soon reveals that he’s a tender, brokenhearted man who lives in self imposed hell from the guilt he feels because he feels responsible for the death of a young woman...

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