Not So Suddenly - Brigham Vaughn
~ Review by Brandilyn

Another sweet, and hot, friends to lovers tale from Ms. Vaughn. This time, however, there is a little twist. It is the straight best friend who is pursuing the clueless gay friend. I liked that little wrench in the equation. Austin thinks he is just being the supportive best friend, in reality, however, he is being wooed. Things, of course, go wrong for Spencer, at first, but soon things are straightened (ha!) out.

I loved the interaction between the Austin and Spencer. You can tell, even in a few short pages, that they care deeply for one another. You can see the struggle Spencer is going through to profess his feelings for Austin. You can see the lightbulb moment for Austin. There are some subjects that could have been addressed in a longer format, but I didn’t feel we were missing anything...

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