The Sergeant - Christa Tomlinson
~ Review by Leisa

Make no mistake – The Sergeant is a BDSM story, and BDSM is most always an enjoyable read for me since I just love the Dom/sub dynamic in M/M romance. The characters, Dom Logan and his lover Clay, who discovers his submissive side, are two masculine, hotties on a SWAT team.

The first quarter of the book is a-ma-zing! Logan and Clay have combustible chemistry, and the sexual tension is fierce between these two men who desperately want each other but fear becoming sexually involved with a SWAT colleague. I was enthralled and ready for a fabulous reading experience. The problem? The center portion of the book when Logan and Clay begin their affair, and their relationship becomes a BDSM one, is repetitive. Don’t get me wrong … no one likes a hot sex scene more than me, but it feels like the same thing happens over and over. Logan also becomes a totally controlling jerk who doesn’t realize (or pay enough attention) that Clay is having a worsening problem with his increasing submissiveness to Logan...

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