Temper Sanguine - Lou Harper
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Beverley

I love this series, it has helped to reinvigorate my love for vampires. Lou Harper has created a world where the existence of vampires is shown as an alternative community within our own but where other such paradigm’s have conflict between the two worlds, the conflict tends to remain between the vampires and the ones who were made ‘wrongly’ and became feral. Gabe is a slayer who, since book 1, has been employed by a very powerful, entrepreneurial vampire called Augustine as a kind of enforcer. He polices the vampire world with the help, sometimes, of his vampire lover, Harvey. Although it is possible to read Temper Sanguine as a standalone it would be such a shame because there is a rich back story that feeds into this one, making it so good.

I don’t like to relate the story as the synopsis above does that but I will say the story is good with several twists and turns, as all good mysteries should have. The characters are all interesting and have adorable traits. This can definitely be said about Dill, who is the Twink with two ‘Vampire Daddies’ , and very funny in book 1. Gabe and Harvey are one of my favourite fictional couples in this genre and big bad slayer Gabe’s inability to say ‘I love you’, is very endearing. There is quite a lot of Hungarian and the odd bit of Romanian language used, and I liked it that not every character could speak English. It’s a trope I like very much where reality, here it is languages, is retained in a surreal world. Don’t be concerned the Hungarian etc., is always translated in some form or another...

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