Starting Point - N.R. Walker
~ Review by Brandilyn

I will admit that this is not my favorite of NR Walkers books. That being said, I still enjoyed it. It brought two characters I dearly love full circle and gave them the happily ever after all readers of Point of No Return and Breaking Point needed. We revisit Kira and Matt as they move forward together after the tragic events of the first two books. Starting Point picks up shortly after the Epilogue of book 2, Breaking Point. They are working hard to find their way together. For Matt it is a whole new world, dealing with losing a major part of his life, as well as his still nagging disability. He is also still dealing with the guilt over the events of PoNR and BP.

Kira, for his part is as in love with Matt as he ever was. He is the partner and lover that Matt needs and wants. We once again, focus on Matt’s journey. However, one of the most interesting part of Starting Point is that we hear from Kira’s point of view for the first time in the series. That, alone, is worth the read...

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