Marked by Grief - Caitlin Ricci
~ Review by Leisa

When Marked by Grief opens with Kit literally grieving himself to death, Caitlin Ricci immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Kit’s grief over his brother, Bear’s, death due to an accident that also left Kit seriously injured, is visceral. He’s a broken man. He’s dropped out of college, has lost his job, is starving himself, and he never leaves his room. Grief is crushing him, and his parents are too involved in their own uniquely awful misery to be of any help to Kit. Upon learning upsetting news about the man who caused Bear’s death, Kit finally forces himself to go tell Jason, Bear’s best friend who has not spoken to Kit since Bear’s funeral.

Kit has always adored Jason, but does not know that Jason is also gay. Jason has also been attracted to Kit for years, but hasn’t acted on his feelings because he didn’t want to upset his friendship with Bear, and he wanted Kit to become old enough to understand what Jason needs from a relationship. Jason is stunned by emaciated and broken Kit, and immediately feels terrible guilt that he hasn’t stepped in to help Kit beforehand. He takes Kit home with him to take care of him, and Kit learns that Jason is gay and very attracted to him. Kit also discovers that Jason is a Dom who needs to be dominant and include other BDSM aspects into in his relationships. And Jason quickly confirms his suspicions that Kit is indeed a submissive...

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