Cherished - Sara York
~ Review by Caroline

This is very different from anything I have read by this author previously. This book has damaged characters, rape, violence, dubious consent and cheating. As it has been out for a little while I will try not to delve into the story too much but concentrate on the characters.

Scotty is a librarian who craves control. His childhood was abusive but he has never once revealed the true depths of that abuse to anyone after escaping from it when he was 12. If anyone ever asked who your ideal Dom would be it certainly would not be this man. In previous ‘relationships’ he has not been able to show compassion, love or care. I perceived him as cold as uncaring and not until the last 10% of the story did I start to thaw to him. He demands rather than requests submission and I think the lines are blurred on whether he actually has consent sometimes.

Wesley is very innocent and finds himself attracted to Scotty. The first time they talk in the library should have raised alarm bells. By the time they went on their first date to a BDSM club I felt like Wesley should have been running for the hills. He was way out of his depth, almost abused by another Dom and by the end of the night scared of Scotty. It is probably worth mentioning he had no idea about a D/s relationship so really was thrown in at the deep end...

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