Three's Company - N.R. Walker
~ Review by Adriana

Wilson Curtis was a heartbroken soul. He was outed to his entire backwater town. Killing his restaurant and his reputation in the process. To make matters worse his supposed (equally closeted) boyfriend Rod dumps him in fear that he too will be outed. When Wil runs away to a tropical retreat to try to heal his broken heart, he never dreams that not one but two men will be his saviors and heal his broken heart and broken dreams.

This story was fabulous. It was such a sweet love story between the three men that I was routing for them to make a go of it from the beginning. It was super sexy and sweet while being off the charts steamy. It was about three men Wil, Adam and Simon coming together to help each other heal and learn to love as three. This is a short read, but it is a must read...

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