Shadows & Dreams - Alexis Hall
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

My disclaimer: Before reading Shadows & Dreams, I was a lesbian romance virgin (*blushes demurely*). I also never, ever read urban fantasy because I usually … just don’t like it (*shrugs*).

Then why did I read Alexis Hall’s Shadows & Dreams – an urban fantasy/lesbian romance? Well, every now and then I think it’s a good thing to step outside of the box. Push some boundaries. Not be boring and predictable. And what did I think of Shadows & Dreams? Well … I liked it!

Shadows & Dreams is the sequel to Alexis Hall’s Iron & Velvet (which I have not read – but I do think you will enjoy this book more if you read Iron & Velvet first). The voice of the story is Kate Kane, a British, lesbian, private investigator who is half human, half faery princess who is arrested and stands trial before the vampire council for a murder she apparently committed in Iron & Velvet. She also accepts a missing person case that has far reaching implications for the vampires and all of London. She has a bunch of former lovers who pop into the story to tempt Kate’s resolve, and the story itself has a dizzily complicated plot that’s creative and interesting. Alexis Hall also includes many interesting and colorful supporting characters into Shadows & Dreams that play integral roles in the story...

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