Love On An Owl's Wing - Charlie Richards
~ Review by Caroline

Luc Laurent oozes sex appeal whilst straddling his bike and speaking provocatively in French! He is a widow with a grown up son and an owl shifter who suddenly finds himself face to face with his mate. A very young human mate who has no idea that shifters even exist.

Dylan Sudderson walks with the aid of crutches after being hit by a drunk driver. He is cosseted by his parents, particularly his mother, and is terrified of them finding out he is gay. I liked Dylan. He needed someone to love him and look beyond his disability and scars and to help all the self doubt he carried. He was so desperate for Luc to want him, but so sure that he wouldn’t that it made you want to cry for him.

Besides the love story this is about a very mixed group of shifters who have to deal with an out of control Alpha who is kidnapping and torturing humans. The shifters are diverse in their nature and are joined by a couple of vampires. Luc is a loyal member of this group and an ideal candidate for Beta to the new Alpha Dorian...

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