Internment (The Horns & Halos Series) - Freddy MacKay
~ Review by Beverley

This is a strange little gem of a story, which I wasn’t sure if I liked at first. A lot of fairly graphic violence occurs near the story’s beginning, before I had formed a connection to or empathy with the main protagonist, ‘Tadashi’. However, Tadashi’s immense gentleness and love of the creatures on the Mountainside where he lives plus, his horror at what he has done and how, encouraged me to read on and started to remind me of Japanese Kitsune mythology.

Tadashi’s internment alone in the temple to Inari that he tends, mirrors the internment of Japanese nationals by the US authorities in the Second World war, which caused the death of Tadashi’s lover. This is a very enjoyable fantasy novel and I really loved the growing but impossible relationship between ‘Berg’ and Tadashi. A squirrel called ‘Kou’ almost steals every scene he is in, and provides a comic but poignant layer to this tale...

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