Riding and Regrets - Bailey Bradford
~ Review by Caroline

ody went to a party when he was 16. He can’t remember everything that happened that night but he knows it wasn’t all good. By the end of the evening his family was shattered, he had been beaten by his father, and he left home for the last time. Three years later he has mostly settle into life at the Mossy Glenn Ranch when out of the blue his sister stops by and hands over his young daughter. Obviously more happened that night than he thought.

Growing up, family life for Noel was far from perfect. His parents didn’t give a damn and the only adult that loved and cared for him was his aunt Gertie. When things turn abusive in his current relationship he runs away in fear for his life, the only safe place he can think to go is back to his aunt who now lives in Montana.

If you haven’t read the previous 4 books in this series I would advise you to do so. The group of men that live at the ranch play a part in this story with the help and support they give Jody. His blood relatives may be hopeless and removed from his life but the group of friends he has made on the ranch prove they are his real family when it counts...

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