Clipped - Devon McCormack
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

There are demons, angels, swords, daggers, kidnapped pregnant women and so many characters that sometimes I struggled to keep up with who was who. There is also a lot of sex, a huge amount of sex, but more about that later.

Ok, this is not a romance book in any shape or form. This is a battle to save humankind but with role reversal. Angels and Demons are walking amongst us, one group are trying to save us and the other is trying to destroy us. In between they may meet up with each other and have some pretty epic sword fights.

Demon Kinzer works alongside his lover Jenza, for the leader. When someone betrays them Jenza is killed and Kinzer is sold to as a Sex slave and has his wings clipped. When he finally escapes it becomes clear that the betrayal within their ranks runs deep and many have been captured or killed...

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