Wild Magic - Poppy Dennison
4.5 Stars ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

Story Review

I have listened to the audiobooks of three of four in the Poppy Dennison’s Triad shifter series, and Wild Magic is my favorite of the bunch. The story flows nicely from the conclusion of Soul Magic, and the main characters from the first three stories, Gray and Simon, together with their children, are present in Wild Magic. Joseph and Dominick, the main characters in Wild Magic, were childhood best friends, but Dominick broke Joseph’s heart as a teenager when he told Joseph they could no longer be friends since Dominick was afraid to tell Joseph that he was a shifter, and that he wanted human Joseph. Now years later, Joseph finds Dominick’s gravely injured sister and her two small boys, and promises the dying woman that he will take the boys to their uncle. Joseph and Dominick are reunited and the old chemistry between the two again rises to the surface.

Joseph and Dominick are clearly attracted to each other, but they get to know each other again, and focus on keeping the boys safe, before they act upon their physical attraction. I really like that Joseph doesn’t make it too easy for Dominick — he was deeply hurt when Dominick suddenly withdrew from him as a teen, and he’s upset when Dominick admits that he didn’t tell Joseph at that time about being a shifter because he wasn’t sure he could trust how Joseph would react. Joseph is willing to help Dominick and the boys, but he doesn’t quickly and easily give his heart to Dominick. I am not a fan of “instalove”, so I like that the two men allow their relationship to grow and blossom a bit over time before jumping into bed together...

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