Perfect Imperfections - Cardeno C.
~ Review by Caroline

This is a beautiful love story. A rock star without the crazy lifestyle we sometimes read about. Not a great deal of angst, no wild parties or drug binges, more a man finding himself and realising what he has been missing out on.

From the moment Jeremy Jameson was born he life was choreographed. Famous parents, huge wealth and no control over his life has lead him to where he is today, hiding in a small grungy pub trying to go unrecognised just for one night for a little downtime. The night is the best he’s had in a long time. Talking mundane shit to the barman all night has him feeling relaxed.

Reg Moore works as a barman and seems wise beyond his years. Although he recognises Jeremy, he doesn’t let on, respecting the mans obvious desire to remain anonymous for the evening. When Jeremy is a little drunk at the end of the evening he even offers him his couch for the night to sleep it off.

Jeremy is due to start a huge tour and when he playfully suggests Reg should come along and keep him company as a pretend boyfriend the idea almost takes on a life of its own. Within a week Reg finds himself thrown into a different life, for someone who craves adventure, he loves it and takes to it like a duck to water!...

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