Out of the Gate - E.M. Lynley
~ Review by Brandilyn

Out of the Gate is the tale of two people that don’t want to find each other being thrown together and succumbing to their incredible chemistry. That is not to say it is an easy road for closeted British actor, Wes, and actor turned racehorse trainer, Evan. It is far from easy in fact. First of all Evan is in a 5 year relationship, not that said relationship is healthy. Secondly, Wes is in the public eye and under the impression that he has to be straight to maintain his career. Third, Evan has some secrets of his own in his past that undermine his self-confidence and his ability to believe in Wes. Finally, there is something sinister going on that is trying to ruin Evan. Many subplots packed into these 90,000 words.

I enjoyed the love story, because I loved Wes and Evan as characters, but I felt the sub-plots left something to be desired. There was a serious lack of communication leading to hurt feelings and unnecessary secrets. For the most part, however, those secrets and hurt feelings did not lead to any strife for the characters...

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