Holding Out for a Fairy Tale - A.J.  Thomas
~ Review by Caroline

Remember Ray Delgado from A Casual Weekend Thing?

Well, he is back. Still a hot cop and still confused by his sexuality.

Ray has stayed out of the family crime business. In fact he bucked the trend completely and went into law enforcement and is actually responsible for a lot his family being behind bars. His niece Sophia looked to be following in his footsteps but now she is missing from her University dorms. The one thing this means for both of them is danger. Rays cousin Alejandro is the biggest danger of them all.

When trying to get over the crush he had on his partner a few months ago he ran into the hot and delicious FBI agent Elliot Belkamp. The man has plagued his thoughts ever since in both good and bad ways. Imagine his surprise when he is searching Sophias dorm room and Elliot walks in and announces he is the agent in charge of the case. It is lust and hate at first sight...

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