Can This Be Real - L.E.  Franks
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

When Christian outs his longtime lover Jordan, a Celebrity Chef who has been using Jordan’s incredible culinary talents for years, Jordan denies a relationship with Christian, and promptly fires him from his job as the lead chef of a posh New York City restaurant. After wallowing in misery for a while, an old friend convinces him to move to Oregon to be the chef in a new restaurant. At the Portland, Oregon airport Christian is detained as a suspected drug smuggler (he has cooking herbs and spices with him), and Detective Andy rescues Christian from the overly aggressive Homeland Security agents. The attraction between the men is immediate, and they slowly begin a relationship. Unfortunately, Andy doesn’t share Christian’s enthusiasm for food, and Christian is at a loss when he cannot rely upon his culinary skill to communicate his feelings for Andy. Andy becomes convinced that Christian thinks he’s “broken,” and resents any mention of the issue...

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